Axiom Leasing is a member of The Canadian Finance & Leasing Association

The Canadian Finance & Leasing Association (CFLA) represents equipment and vehicle leasing and asset based finance companies in Canada. As a member of the CFLA, Canadian Dominion Leasing Corp. supports and adheres to its Code of Ethics in all of its business practices. These standards serve as guiding principles for all engaged in the business of leasing and asset-based financing.

At all times conduct our activities with integrity, dignity and professionalism and encourage such conduct by others in the leasing industry.

Maintain respect for keen competition and seek no unfair advantage by dishonest or unethical means.

At all times adhere to the specific terms of funding commitments, commission agreements and purchase orders.

Not knowingly make false or misleading statements or withhold information vital to an intelligent business decision concerning any aspect of a leasing transaction.

Disclose all relevant information as to the terms and conditions of the lease, which may effect the lessee’s decision.

Treat in a fiduciary capacity all funds received from the lessee, which may be returned to the lessee.

Hold in strict confidence all financial information supplied by the lessee on a confidential basis.

Not make payments directly to an employee of a vendor or business source without that company’s knowledge.
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